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Mari Talvik

Half of the hotel staff is friendly, but the other half doesn't even say hello. The cleaners are nice but they don't seem to understand you. They clean at random times of the day, if at all. The rooms are small and minimalistic (without minibar etc.). Extra bar has super loud music in the evenings, so it's impossible to stay there and the music can be heard in the room. You have to pay extra for things like the Internet, luggage weighing, safe box. Food is okay, yet lacking meat and seasoning. Pool opening times are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., a bit too short. Staff's English is quite poor. Toilet had no active AC. Our room's AC was broken for a day (leaking a pool of water on the floor), luckily it was fixed quite quickly. No proper AC in the dining area or lobby, so you'd have to wait in warm and humid areas. The lobby had some weird smell (a mix of cat urine/antique stuff/chlorine?). No rubbish bin in the lobby. Also our pick-up for pre-booked and paid Pirate Boat trip arrived too early (not at the agreed time) and didn't pick us up. Luckily we managed to change the time so we didn't miss our experience. As we enquired the reception later, the receptionist said that our pick-up had been there looking for us. Least the reception could have done is to call our room, but no such thing happened. Very disappointed in such carelessness and ignorance. There are phones in the hotel rooms, but no numbers were provided (reception, spa, doctor etc.) - so what are the phones for there anyways? Hotel masseuse was great, we really enjoyed our Hamam and massage experience. Overall, we are not likely to return to this hotel. Not worth 3 stars.

1 yıl önce

Milan Golubović

Great service, great food. Kids will love it because of swimming pool.

1 yıl önce

Rocker- Barrel

Freindly staff. The all inclusive is NOT all inclusive, your have to buy cirtain.drinks. This place doesnt really cater for the english pallet. I brought.meals from a near by cafe. Room was average. It was very cheap.About 100 yards from the beach. I had a good time and would go back. Pool is small ok for a quick dip, but like i say the sea/beach is very close.

1 yıl önce


The worst All-inclusive experience I ever had! This hotel is just about profit! I asked for a Gin&Tonic - "Sorry: you have to pay extra for that!"... The food is also cheap and barely edible some times: One dinner the chicken probably consist of 10% salt - not exactly healthy... Often food was either to salty or it seemed like the chef had lost the pepper-jar into the food when preparing. The room I was given had no WiFi and not even a hot shower... cockroaches in the bathroom... My travel-agent said it was agreed with the hotel-manager that I should get another room, but of course the receptionist refused that. Maybe I was unlucky with the room I got, but the food was the same for all, and to just have one main-course when they serve things like salty herring or liver is strange - or maybe not; when it was liver for dinner, I heard a couple said "Let's go and eat a steak" - The hotel have another restaurant that serve steaks and real Turkish dishes - but of course you have to pay extra € for a good dinner; I think that's the strategy of the hotel-owner; serve food below average, so hotel-guests will spend money in the hotels other restaurant (where you have to pay). I'm disappointed both by the hotel and the manager - both are below average! The hotel is like a 1-2 star facility. I will never return here: Next time I will stay in a hotel with 5-6 main-dishes like other 3 star hotels have - I don't trust the reviews after staying in this hotel!!!

2 yıl önce

cody logan

Lots of shops and markets nearby, beach is fantastic. Night time entertainment at the hotel bar is ok . The bar staff did jump onto the bar and dance along to the music the first night I was here but for rest of holiday the bar staff has been mostly friendly.

2 yıl önce

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