İstanbul Lounge Avrupa yakasında Küçükçekmece Gölü'nün hemen yanıbaşında yer almaktadır. Son dönemlerde nitelikli konutların yapılması ile değeri her geçen gün artan bölgede farklılaşan mimarisi, ferah yeşil alanları ve sosyal aktiviteleri ile dikkat çeken projede 1+1'den 4+1'e kadar pek çok farklı daire alternatifleri yer alacaktır.  Aynı zamanda Açık havuz, kapalı havuz, çocuk havuzu, koşu ve yürüyüş yolları, bisiklet parkuru, cafe, farklı yaşlara yönelik oyun parkları, tenis kortu, basketbol sahası, mini futbol sahası, çocuk klübü, açıkhava tiyatrosu..


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Görüşler (5)

Aek Ussivakul

One of the best lounge I have visited. Though not many but this one is really impressive has a Pool table, library, mini theatre, golf driving simulation, PlayStation zone. And a huge space, 2 floors, the food is very nice, dessert zone is even nicer. Really recommend a cup of coffee. If you have more time the ground floor is a good place to relax.

1 yıl önce

Peter Seger

Incredible food spread and amenities like showers, a movie theater, news TVs with headphones, a la carte dining, and more. However, this lounge is WAY too over crowded. We were there at 7:00 and there were only a handful of free seats. Additionally, the staff here is really not particularly friendly and don't go out of their way to make you feel special. There was also a very long wait for the showers where the attendant took our boarding pass(I was assuming to determine the order of showering based off departure times), however when I hadn't been paged to shower and my flight was set to board in 10 minutes, she told me I still had 7 people ahead of me in line. In conclusion, this lounge has incredible food and amenities however the service just doesn't match the product.

1 yıl önce

Mohammed Alhammadi

Luxurious and peaceful area, but you could easily feel the difference from two years ago when everything was better. Maybe because they are closing the airport, the level of caring is obviously less. Almost impossible to get turn for a shower here or sleeping bed if you are staying overnight even if you where in transit between two international flights.

1 yıl önce

Vincent Mo

Best lounge I've been to anywhere in the world across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Serves better breakfast than some hotels. One of the very few lounges where I would actually eat a meal here. A nice touch is the local Turkish foods sprinkled around the lounge like tea, yogurt drink, bagel thingy, candies... all of whose names I don't remember, but they were all delicious! Many activities to help pass the time, including public computer terminals, video game consoles, electric toy car racing track, golf practice station, and a play area for small children. There are several suites with beds and desks that you can request - just ask the concierge on the upper floor after you enter the lounge. However, all of the suites were full both times I came to the lounge.

1 yıl önce

Borislav Georgiev

A huge airline lounge with all kind of food, drinks and amenities. This lounge is like a small town. It would take me a whole day to describe what this lounge offers but to put it short, there is absolutely everything if you need to spend even a whole day there. Maybe the only problem is that despite its huge size, it gets very busy and packed during peak hours. These are usually mornings between 6 and 9 and evenings between 10 and 1 am when most of the flights take off or land. Nevertheless, this lounge is maybe the best I've ever been to and it's highly recommended.

1 yıl önce

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