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Yepyeni konsepti ve kaliteli işletme anlayışı ile "MİA" Marina 19 Mayıs'ta muhteşem bir açılışla Çeşme'de yaza merhaba dedi.
Haftanın 7 günü özel konuklar ile istanbullu ve izmirlilerin buluşma noktası Mia Marina'da mükemmel manzara eşiliğinde Dj.Gökhan Tiyanşan ile eğlenceye davetlisiniz.


çeşme marina eğlence izmir deniz


Görüşler (5)

Karen Kim

A beautiful place to stroll during warm weather, night or day. During the day the ocean is right before you with plenty of places to do some people watching, shopping, take in the day to day activities of those around you, or dip your feet into the sea. There are numerous beautiful and unique things to look at. At night time the restaurants, bars, and night life welcome you. Music is everywhere you go, but you always have the option of taking a few steps away to find a quieter location. It's a lovely little place that manages to be lively and entertaining without being overwhelming or intimidating like larger cities can be. People are friendly (Even if you don't speak any Turkish) and unlike other, smaller parts of the countries, pretty much everything a 21-st century urbanite could want is available locally. Great food, great people, great places, great times. What else could one wish for?

9 ay önce

Gulen Atay

A lovely outdoor shopping center, with a number of restaurants to choose from. Extremely popular, particularly on a sunny day. Great feeling to be eating and drinking right on the water, against a backdrop of fancy yachts, green hills and the turquoise Aegean... Upscale.

10 ay önce

dimi 03

A nice marina with many shops and lux yachts. Good cafeterias and restaurants . It's also nice if you have time to go and visit Chios island it's just a half hour from cesme marina . It's a island with a lot of history and not touristic . So if you have time go for sure .

11 ay önce

Michael-Murat Basaran

I think that before I write about this marina, I will divided the review in two parts: first the marina as a sea port and yacht/boat stop over, second the marina as a shopping mall with it's restaurants, bars , coffee shops and the hotel. First as a seaport it have a custom area with a freeshop. There ferryboats and passenger ships. Of course 400 yachts and boast have a place with power-, water+ connection. It is a full service marina. Very clean and secure. Second as a shopping mall with restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Oh wonderful shops, most international brands and gift shops. Restaurants and bars are in several price categories with delicious kitchen. Very gentle staff, clean and secure. I was here: 27 - 29 July 2018

1 yıl önce

Harris Zafar

Beautiful beach town with lovely restaurants and beautiful places to rest on the beach and go into the water. I wish the water was cleaner though. Otherwise, the beach is like any other normal beach. You can pay for a beach chair with umbrella, which is very convenient.

1 yıl önce

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