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minex fuar virtual 360 mekan 2011 izmir fair maden mermer doğaltaş


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Kardelen Şahin

I love this place very much! With all its trees and fresh air it's a perfect place to relax, you can also run, do yoga or play tennis there. There's an amusement park within(yes, it's a huuge place) and lots of work places.

1 yıl önce

Ed Fire

It is one of the coolest places ever. Since I attended as an author I enjoyed it a lot. Hundreds of people came and they all were so nice. The place is huge and you even may get lost. But don't worry. It is all safe and you can find lots of people who can help you with that. A great place for fun and cultural stuff. Go and enjoy.

2 yıl önce

Ankush Wadke

Pretty crowded as I visited a flower festival, but the flowers were really costly compared to usual cost. Beautiful place though.

1 yıl önce

Ali T

It is a great park in Central izmir. There is a track for running, park for kids and lots of benches to rest under the trees. It's the biggest park in the city. It is also historical expo center which is no longer as good as it used to be.

1 yıl önce

Nur Yayman

The trees, the wind everything comes together at nights and people fill the place to just hang out, it's a really cool spot to casually hang out with your friends while also enjoying nature. I would recommend to pack up a picnic casket and just go

1 yıl önce

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