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Eminönü'nde Yeni Cami'nin arkasında ve Çiçek Pazarı'nın yanındadır. İstanbul'un en eski kapalı çarşılarından olan Mısır Çarşısı 1660 yılında Turhan Sultan tarafından yaptırılmıştır. Mimarı Kazım Ağa'dır.Çarşı son olarak 1940-1943 yılları arasında İstanbul Belediyesi tarafından restore edilmiştir. Aktarlarıyla meşhur bu çarşıda halen tabii ilaçlar, baharat, çiçek tohumları, nadir bitki kök ve kabukları gibi eski geleneğine uygun ürünlerin yanısıra, kuruyemiş, şarküteri ürünleri, değişik gıda maddeleri yer satılmaktadır. Pazar günleri kapalıdır.


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Görüşler (5)

Matt H

Beautiful old building. Other than that I found the shops slightly disappointing. All seemed to sell the same - once you saw the first 10 shops, you probably have it all covered. Nevertheless, the aroma of the spices, the architecture of the Bazaar, the vibe, the haggling Arab tourists - all of it make for a densely woven atmosphere and experience. Worth a visit. If you plan on buying spices, I'd recommend to do it as the locals: look in the streets around the market. I bought outside at Nil Baharat shop as recommended by a restaurant owner, price quality were good. Don't stand around in the super small shop though, they mean business and don't care about the tourists as they do here in the Spice Bazaar. Feel free to click like if you found this review helpful.

1 yıl önce

Pravir Shanker

Spice bazaar has a history dating back to 1664. You get all kinds of sweets , spices and decorative items. Everything looks so flashy that it will lure you to buy. But before you buy compare price of that material (for ex - saffron) in your country. They always quote you higher price, make sure you negotiate well. Or better check for the price in 3-4 shops then buy. Shopkeepers might forcefully ask you to taste their products, you can try out but don't feel pressurized to buy anything until you like it and the price is good. All the product quality is great and pure, its far better than I expected

1 yıl önce

Andy Senawi

Good place to get spices. Some stores have this mix for fish and potatoes and i got a small bag. I should have bought a bigger one. It was truly delicious. If you're there and from Singapore can you buy me a bag? Thanks.

1 yıl önce

Hu Ko

Historical place that gives you the feeling that you are shopping in a museum. The spices and the delights are just impossible to resist. A good mix between tourists and locals gives this place a special atmosphere...

1 yıl önce


Don't be fooled by the absolutely pristine building interior and beautiful shop, this place is far from being an expensive tourist trap. Unlike the Old Bazaar, the Egyptian Bazaar is THE place to get good deals on anything: spices, herbs, sweets, clothing, home decor, and souvenirs. The shopkeepers will give you very good deals on very high quality products. They're here to sell, not swindle. Moreover, the shops themselves are beautifully designed and are worth visiting one by one.

1 yıl önce

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