To further develop upon the companys success as a leader in the marketplace, in 2008. I developed the brand "Sadi Tanay's Collection, Istanbul". This brand encompasses and targets the themes below:

Sadi Tanay's Collection, Istanbul

- Hotel Collection
- SPA Collection
- Aviation collection
- Cruise collection
- Home collection
- Give aways and present collection
- All other promotional requests.

Both international and domestic hotel chains, including high quality luxury hotels and resorts have been our most valuable reference at all the international fairs we have attended in Paris, London, Dusseldorf, Moscow, Cairo and Dubai, to name a few, where our products were seen and acclaimed as being of a high European Quality standard.

Our export markets include countries in Europe, the Middle East, North and South Africa as well as the USA.

The companys reputation and customer base has been built upon these guiding principles:

Vertically integrated in-house production and design facilities
Quality - Reliability - Flexibility,
Cost effective solutions on annual budgets.
Our guest amenity line includes all kinds of skin, hair, body and sun care products, SPA treatment products and hand cut and boutique soaps perfected to your requirements.

All these products can be customised with your logo and we will work together with you to design and create new brands by transforming your vision into a signature brand which is evocative, distinctive and compelling.

We will use our highest standard product formulations and innovative package designs to create collections that reflect the ambience of your luxury hotels and resorts. Supported with our cost saving, reliable and fast deliveries organised in accordance to your requested quantities, we strive to offer the best possible all round quality and service.

Tanay has been awarded both the ISO 9001:2000 (Design, Production and Sales of Personalized Hotel Guest Amenities) and ISO 10002 customer satisfaction certificates.

I thank all my staff for their dedication with awareness of our passion for ensuring the success of our deliveries to the satisfaction of your guests.
I also thank all of our long lasting loyal Turkish and international business partners, who have been supporting our business for many long years.


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