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 The Vere Palace Hotel opened its doors to the public for the first time on the 20th August 1999. The hotel had 22 guest rooms and suites, a small restaurant and a bar.

Owing to its popularity and its excellent reputation it was decided to expand the facilities to provide even better service for the guests and in 2005 work started on the expansion which was completed and represented to public in December 2007.

This transformed Vere Palace into a luxurious Hotel containing 42 rooms and 9 suites, including a presidential apartment, with new restaurant, bar and a terrace bar, heated swimming pool, fitness centre and sauna, banqueting and conference halls, business centre. All this makes it one of the most desirable hotels in Tbilisi.

The Vere Palace distinguishes itself as a luxurious and family orientated hotel. Its interior contains elements of classic baroque, selected from the extravagant Louis XVI interior harmonized with modern technological solutions and comfort.

The Vere Palace cooperates with various NGOs, international and governmental organizations, and hosts many tourists and businessmen. The Hotel takes pleasure in meeting and serving guests with personalized services and works to build a warm relationship that is based on long-term cooperation and friendship.

The Vere Palace Hotel hosted the Pope’s delegation and the Patriarch of the USA and Canada during their official visit to Georgia. The ambassadors of Sweden, India and Israel have stayed in our hotel several times. The world famous pop group Modjo and the legendary rock ensemble Ureah Heep also enjoyed the luxury and hospitality of the Vere Palace Hotel. The internationally known musicians A. Toradze and M. Menabde,  designer M. Asatiani are the hotel’s regular and frequent guests.

In 2007 The Vere Palace became the winner of the “Golden Brand” as the best hotel of the year in Georgia.


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Delicious breakfast in a beautiful setting and cozy atmosphere of the gorgeous Vere Palace Hotel restaurant Tbilisi. One of the best coffee I ever had. Thank you.

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Sérgio Lontro

Very nice hotel!

1 yıl önce

ForgetUsNot FUNevents

Good location , dedicated staff, excellent service and delicious food!

1 yıl önce

inder pal

clean and fantastic hotel

1 yıl önce

Sergo Teymurasov

Go to sleep

11 ay önce

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